Wet and Forget Window Witch Spray On Exterior Glass Cleaner Sniper Nozzle 2L

Wet and Forget Window Witch Spray On Exterior Glass Cleaner Sniper Nozzle 2L

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Product Overview:

Window Witch®    No need to squeegee ever again!  This is the 'Invisible Liquid Squeegee'

Window Witch®  uses a combination of smart surfactants that dissolve dirt and grime.

Window Witch® also contains citrate water softeners and high performance additives to sheet water from the window, eliminating water spotting and streaking.

Window Witch® has a newly developed Sniper Nozzle that will give you an 8 metre reach - that's 2 storeys high! 

Window Witch® is easy to apply!

  1. Apply Window Witch® to the window with our new Sniper Nozzle which can reach up to 8 metres (that's 2 storeys).  Move quickly to avoid wastage.
  2. Lightly agitate with an extendable microfibre window pad to loosen any excess dirt and grime.
  3. It is very important that you rinse off within 5 minutesDon’t let Window Witch® dry on the surface!
  4. When you rinse off - rinse thoroughly by turning the nozzle position to water. Work from the top of window to the bottom so that you don't leave any soap residue. 

Benefits: No need to squeegee windows!
  • Window Witch® is fantastic to maintain recently cleaned windows and should be used as a maintenance spray.
  • Water sheets off, leaving your windows looking sparkling clean!
  • Takes the hard work out of window cleaning.
  • Safer! – no need to climb ladders. You can stand on the ground and reach a height of 8 metres. 

Coverage: When used as per instructions on the bottle, Window Witch® will cover up to 600 sq metres.

Water Tanks: 
If Window Witch® is likely to enter your water tank via the guttering, you will need to disconnect your water supply for a minimum of 10mm of rain, or 2 decent downpours to flush away any residue.


Customer Reviews

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Don't know yet it's been to wet outside to try the product
But when I do it better be good for that amount of money

Window Witch

This product exceeded all my exceptions . Hose the window , most important not in the direct sun light . spray on the product ,light rub with a cloth , hose off
First application 2 weeks ago , windows still sparkling , it's won me .


Great product . Was even better than I was expecting.