WATTYL Spraymate Industrial Super Etch 1K Epoxy Primer 400g Aerosol Grey x 3 Pack

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WATTYL Spraymate Industrial Super Etch 1K Epoxy Rich Metal Primer 400g Aerosol Grey x 3 Pack

Wattyl Spraymate is a range of superior performing primers and topcoats specifically designed for use by trade and industrial applications. The Super Etch primer is a premium quality, single pack epoxy etch primer. It provides excellent adhesion and anti-rust protection to most metals, & dries quick for easy and rapid recoating.


  • Excellent adhesion to all common metals
  • Excellent anti-corrosive properties
  • May be overcoated with most finish types, e.g. enamels, lacquers, chlorinated rubbers, polyurethanes and epoxy enamels
  • Super Etch Primer shall be overcoated within three months of application
  • High performance key coating, specifically designed for direct application over mild steel, ZINCALUME, COLORBOND, chrome, brass, copper, lead and lead alloys, stainless steel, aluminium and galvanised iron
  • May be used as a primer or, when applied in mist coats, as a conventional etch medium. Adhesion to most automotive plastics is generally good


  • Coverage: 3m² (approx. per aerosol)

Drying Times (at 25°C and 50% Humidity)

  • Touch Dry: 5 minutes
  • Dry to Handle: 20 minutes
  • Recoat Time:  minimum 1 hour, maximum 3 months
  • Hard Dry: 1 hour

    Customer Reviews

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    ian lindsay (iantexas)

    Awesome products awesome service

    Greg Miller (grmil_914)

    product exactly what I ordered and received very quickly

    John Taylor (napoleon-21)

    Best spray pack etch primer I’ve used on brass.