Troton Cavity Wax Amber Aerosol Spray 400ml Anticorrosion Protection x 3

Troton Cavity Wax Amber Aerosol Spray 400ml Anticorrosion Protection x 3

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One-component, wax-based product designed to create anticorrosion protection in cavity areas of car-body (eg. Doors, bonnets, sills etc.). Product has very good penetrating properties and is water-repellent. After drying creates elastic, tight protective coating resistant to harmful effect of weather condition, water, salt and weak acids.
Will not react with painted surfaces.


Hollow Voids and Folds Nurture Rust
The cavities in the car are less protected when compared to the exteriors during the rust proofing process offered by the manufacturer. The high creep ability of cavity wax ensures that all hollow voids and exposed sections of the car’s underside are well protected against corrosion.


Cavity Wax Neutralizes Rust
The cavity wax neutralizes the rust and prevents further rusting on the same sections.


High Moisture Displacing Effect
Car owners living in regions of damp climate must fight moisture to protect their car from rust. Cavity wax displaces moisture from the narrowest cervices of the car and coats them with a protective layer of wax. This prevents any further damage caused due to rain or moist air.


Offers Long Term Protection
Characterized by high heat resistance as well as cold flexibility, cavity wax becomes a vital technique to ensure complete prevention of rust right from the smallest exposed section of the car’s surface.


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peter muskett (ppetmu-fywpqwxu)
Amber cavity wax

Verry good thank you

Terry Helmshaw (timesawastin-01)
Excellent product, highly recommended.

Very easy to use and the fact it comes with a good length of hose enables you to get into spots you would otherwise not be able to treat. Excellent product and very much worth your time and money for the result you get.
I am restoring an old Full Sized Jeep and I feel confident that all areas treated will seal and prevent rust for many many years.

ross grave (rogr_9163)

have not got the order ????????

rob sinclair (rwsin1969-7)

Troton Cavity Wax Amber Aerosol Spray 400ml Anticorrosion Protection x 3


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