Sika Sikaflex 255 Ultra Glass Windscreen Adhesive 310ml Black x 3 Pack

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Sikaflex®-255 Ultra is a cold applied  windscreen adhesive, optimized for manual application. It provides a long open time and ensures safe application even under warm conditions. Sikaflex®-255 Ultra is compatible with Sika's Black Primerless and All Black processes and may also be used as a primerless to glass adhesive in auto glass replacement applications. Note: Primerless to glass application requires the glass to be prepared using an Automotive grade glass cleaner such as Sika® Clean Glass. The bonding surfaces must be free of contamination and have sufficient UV protection. 

  • Easy to extrude with manual application gun
  • Solvent free, no odour
  • OEM approved adhesive system
  • Fast adhesion build up
  • Primerless to glass adhesion

Sikaflex®-255 Ultra is suitable for experienced professional users only. This product and related process information is designed for Automotive Glass Replacement. For other applications, tests with actual substrates and conditions have to be performed ensuring adhesion and material compatibility.