Sika Handclean High Quality Hand Cleaning Towels Tub of 70 32 x 27cm

Sika Handclean Heavy Duty Cleaning Towels Tub of 70 32 x 27cm Removes Sikaflex

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Sika® Handclean is a unique waterless hand-cleaning system combining both a high quality liquid hand cleaner formula and heavyduty, non-scratching, abrasive hand-cleaning towel.

Areas of Application

Apart from normal dirt and soils, Sika® Handclean will remove heavy-grease, lubricants, adhesives, oils, tar, inks, wax and many other difficult to remove soils such as coal dust, graphite and grass stains etc.

Method of Application

Use Sika® Handclean by scrubbing your hands. Immediately after use, reseal container tightly.