Sagola 4100 Xtreme Pressure Spray Painting Gun Primers Clearcoats 1.20 EPA XT01B

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Wide range of applications with the support of a pressure pot or a low pressure pump. Compliance with the most demanding rules concerning solvent emission.

4100 Xtreme EPA

The most environmentally-friendly solution without losing sight of profitability or finish quality. It offers high paint transfer without increasing air consumption or any special application requirements. Maximum gloss with the most demanding finishes.
Application possibility for all kind of paints and sprayable products: dyes, metals, glazes, varnishes, basecoats, primers, glues, adhesives, abrasive products, ceramics, forge effect (special T.C.), textured, etc.
Air Cap XT01 B

1.00 Special metalized and basecoats
1.20 Clearcoats and primers

Primers and fillers