Prop One 500ml Foul Release Coating Kit Propeller Antifoul Propgold

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PropOne™ is a two-coat system comprising an anti-corrosive Primer Coat and a Foul Release Coating (Clear Coat). The Clear Coat is a non-biocidal, low surface energy coating which prevents organisms strongly adhering to the surface of the propeller and fast moving components permanently immersed in water. Organisms can be easily dislodged once the boat is placed in drive.

As with all foul release coatings, when not in use, the surface will be colonized by encrusting organisms. The removal of the fouling organisms is purely a mechanical effect.

Kit contains:

  • 2 x 120ml Primer Coat
  • 1 x 200ml Clear Coat
  • 2 x 30ml Activator
  • 2 x Stirring Stick

Customer Reviews

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ken parsons (kenskion1)
Mariner 34 Prop one

I used your Prop gold kit over a year ago, it was easy to use and was enough to treat 2 propellers, shafts and rudders , i checked a couple of days ago and the props only had some slime over them, i was most impressed. The boat is coming out for anti fouling in a couple of weeks, so will be using Propgold again. - even though it probably could have been left for another year - so i recommend Propgold , its very reasonably priced and does a great job , many thanks , Ken


Great stuff