CAR-REP Automotive Acrylic Clear Coat 500ml x 2 Pack

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CAR-REP ACRYL COMP® acrylic clear coat is suitable for metal, wood, stone, concrete, glass and many other materials. Thanks to its patented technology painting is very easy, like using a professional paint gun. The spray pattern is very fine and wide and can be adjusted horizontally or vertically.

Application: Sand the surface if necessary. Clean the surface. Shake the can for about 2-3 min. Test painting is recommended on a small, invisible area. Start painting outside the object, move slowly on the object and paint around 15 cm from the surface. First spray a very light coat, recoat in 15 minutes. Priming of plastic surfaces with Car-Rep plastic primer is recommended. ACRYL COMP® acrylic clear coat improves wear and scratch resistance of painted surfaces.

Customer Reviews

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Adam White
Colour matched

Was totally surprised at the quality of the product. Would definitely recommend.

Wayne Mears (wame_25)

Worked very well

Paul Macdonald (ps-1961)
best acrylic clear available..

.. quality spray nozzle, fine and clear, quick drying re-coatable.

Mark Wilson (markwilson-au)excellant bonding, can paint over with many different types of topcoats
Clear coat

A high quality product. Many uses. Very good.

Ron Rubendra (ronrabbit99)
Good for spray paint supplies

I ordered the wrong paint and they fixed it for me without hassle - a professional service at great value prices. This is my go to shop for spray paint.