Preval Replacement Compressor Power Unit Paint Spray Sprayer Gun 55g

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The Preval Sprayer is an aerosol-based spray system that allows the user to mix up any paint, chemical or solution and turn it in to sprayable material through Preval’s patented Venturi Vacuum Process.

This process draws the medium from the attached reservoir and delivers a professional-grade finish on virtually any surface without mixing the propellant and medium together. This results in an unadulterated finish with no color change.

  • Automotive primers, top coats, and clears
  • Marine primers, top coats and Gel coats
  • New Residential Interior and Exterior Trim
  • Decorative Concrete Stains
  • Cabinetry Lacquer
  • Most Water based paints
  • Most Solvent based and Oil based paints
  • Latex paints and over 2000 other formulas
  • Output Pressure: 70 psi
  • Professional- grade finish
  • Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Very useful spray tool

Very easy to use and very useful. Quick and easy to use. Easy to clean.
Small jobs only but much quicker than using an a touch-up air gun. Keep a few spare cartridges on hand so you don't run out in the middle of a job. Just remember - small jobs only.