Monti MBX Standard Duty Electric Kit SE-206-BMC

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The MBX® is our multitalent for carrying out car body work. Thanks to its wide range of belts, it covers many different applications in the field of bodywork surface preparation.

Whether it’s underseal, sealant, adhesive residues, rust or paint, the MBX® removes the lot quickly and easily, leaving either a rough or a smooth surface depending on the variant of MBX® Belt used. Our stainless steel MBX® Belts are designed for use on aluminum. Cylinder heads, riveted areas of truck bodies or aluminum panels are cleaned thoroughly and all corrosion removed.

When configured with the MBX Vinyl Eraser, it is becomes the MBX Vinyl Zapper -  removing vinyl, decals, pinstripes, reflective tape and adhesives quickly and in a single operation - without damaging OEM paint or harming the substrate.

When configured with the MBX Belts, the MBX Electric can perform wide ranging task including screen frame restoration, welding preparation, paint, scale and corrosion removal, poly urea roughening, and general metal surface prep.

  • Removes rust, paint, underseal and sealants
  • Quick, easy and safe to use
  • Greater adaptability to contoured areas
  • Minimal loss of base material
  • No smearing and gumming up thanks to minimal generation of heat
  • Great quality – Made in Germany
  • Extensive capabilities thanks to the wide range of belts

230V / 50Hz - Technical Specifications

Length - 370mm
Height - 180m
Width - 100mm
Weight - 2.2kg

Belt Diameter (outer) - 100mm
Output - 700W
Idle speed (+/- 5%) - 3200 rpm
Vibration - 0.79m/s^2
Sound - 83 dB(A)


MBX® Electric Set SE-206-BMC


● Drive Unit MBX® Electric

● MONTI Adaptor System 23 mm

● MONTI Adaptor System 11 mm

● 1 MBX® Belt, Steel, Coarse, Black, 23 mm

● 1 MBX® Belt, Steel, Coarse, Black, 11 mm

● 1 MBX® Belt, Steel, Medium, Ochre, 11 mm

● 1 MBX® Belt, Steel, Fine, Green, 11 mm

● 1 Vinyl Zapper®

● MONTI Blow Mould Case

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