Monti MBX Bristle Blaster Pneumatic Kit SP-647-BMC

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Bristle Blaster®

The only hand held tool in the world which achieves surface cleanliness equivalent to Sa 2½ – Sa 3 with an anchor profile up to 120 micron.

  • Removes corrosion, coatings and mill scale
  • Surface preparation equivalent to Sa 2½ – Sa 3 per ISO 8501-1
  • Anchor profile of up to 120 ɥm Rz
  • ATEX-approved for use in Zone 1 (potentially explosive) atmospheres in accordance with Ex II 2G c IIA T4 X
  • Cost effective – no expensive set up, containment or clean up required
  • Eco-friendly and safe to use
  • Ideal for spot-repairs, touch-up jobs and weld seam preparation
  • Does not generate heat or grind substrate
  • Patented Accelerator Bar


  • Patented air cooling system extends the life of the Bristle Blaster® Belts
  • ATEX-approved for use in Zone 1 (potentially explosive) atmospheres in accordance with Ex II 2G c IIA T4 X
  • Lean and extremely lightweight design (1,200 grams) improves accessibility
  • Dust exhaust for adapting an industrial vacuum cleaner
  • Special gear reduction increases torque at 2,300 rpm
  • Muffler reduces the sound pressure level

Our drive units are specialist proprietary tools designed specifically for use with Bristle Blaster® Belts. The patented Accelerator Bar is necessary for achieving the high level of surface roughness (anchor profile) and surface cleanliness.

Designed for professional use, Bristle Blaster® drive units meet the highest standards for quality and durability. Their in-line design makes them ideal for working in areas that are difficult to reach. The low rotational speed of 2,300 rpm and the lightweight compact design (1,200-2,300 grams) ensures a high degree of on-site safety and easy and flexible of handling.

The patented Bristle Blaster® Technology is used in numerous industries and especially where conventional blasting methods are not possible or uneconomic.

The Bristle Blaster® combines the flexibility and the short set-up times of a hand-held tool with the results otherwise achieved with blasting: Surface preparation grades comparable with Sa 2½ – Sa 3 and roughness levels of up to 120 µm Rz. This makes our technology the perfect surface preparation method for spot-repairs, touch-up jobs and preparing welds.

    Technical Specifications

    Length - 350mm
    Height - 160m
    Width - 70mm
    Weight - 1.1kg

    Belt Diameter (outer) - 110mm
    Required flow pressure - 90 psi
    Average air consumption - 0.5m^3/min
    Idle speed (+/- 5%) - 3500 rpm
    Threaded air inlet - Rp 1/4"
    Required hose diameter (interior) - 3/8"
    Vibration - 2m/s^2
    Sound - 83 dB(A)


    Bristle Blaster® Pneumatic Set   SP-647-BMC


    • Bristle Blaster® Pneumatic Drive Unit
    • Adapters 23 mm & 11 mm
    • Accelerator Bars Carbon Steel 23 mm & 11 mm
    • 5 x Bristle Blaster® Belts 23mm
    • 5 x Bristle Blaster® Belts 11mm
    • In line air regulators 23mm (silver) & 11mm (blue)
    • Dust Extraction Attachment
    • MONTI Blow Mould Case

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