Josco Loose Leaf Calico Polishing Buff Industrial Mirror Finnish 200mm x 50 Fold

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The Josco Loose Leaf Calico Buff is excellent for achieving a high quality gloss finish when polishing. They can be used for polishing metals, plastic, aluminium, stainless steel, copper, brass, chrome, silver, gold and alloys.

Different metals have varying characteristics, so to achieve the best results, it’s essential that the correct compound is paired with your polishing buff.

The Josco Loose Leaf Calico Buff’s can either be used with an SS (White) Compound for a high quality finish on aluminium alloys. For a high gloss finish on copper, brass and stainless steel, pair your buff with a SSX (Light Green) Compound. And for achieving a high gloss finish on plastics and die-cast articles, use your Loose Leaf Calico Buff with a Multishine (Light Blue) Compound.