Galmet Metal Protection Ironize Rust Converter & Sealer 250mL

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Galmet® Ironize is a fast reacting rust converter and sealer which can be applied directly to a rusty surface.

Galmet® Ironize is used where it is impossible or impracticle to remove rust before painting.

Once treated with Galmet® Ironize the rusted surface does not require the application of a Cold Galvanizing product.  Cold Galvanizing needs to be applied directly to clean steel.

Clean up and use of Galmet® Ironize is easy because it is water based.  Galmet® Ironize does not need to be rinsed off the surface before top-coating like other similar products on the market.


  • No residue to wash off before recoating
  • Converts and seals rust in one easy step
  • Enamel paint can be applied after 3 hours
  • Easy to use and may be applied to damp surfaces
  • Provides a tough and flexible film

Galmet® Ironize rust converter is suitable for:

  • Rusted steel surfaces
  • Ferrous components
  • Gutters & roofs
  • Concrete reinforcing bars

Customer Reviews

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Terry Helmshaw (timesawastin-01)
This stuff is the bomb, does exactly what it's supposed to do..

I am a professional panel beater spray painter, I have used every rust treatment there is and although they do work, they tend to be quite time consuming. Hourly rates is my job to keep them down, so any product I can use that helps me achieve the very best price for my customers is key.

This works fast Galmet Metal Protection Ironize Rust Converter & Sealer works twice as fast as others I have used. I could not be happier with this product.

Thank you wholesalepaintgroup.

scott middling (middy1975)

Excellent product
Excellent service
Fast delivery