Septone Mr Buff Cutting Compound 500g x 3

Septone Mr Buff Cutting Compound 500g x 3

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Mr Buff is a premium quality paste cutting compound recommended for automotive, marine and general industrial applications.

Use Mr Buff on new paints to remove overspray and orange peel or on chalked paints to remove fine scratches and oxidation and to restore the shine to dull surfaces.

Mr Buff uses a unique blend of amorphous silica abrasives which provide quick cutting of the surface when first applied, and then break down into smaller particles to polish the surface. This means that Mr Buff removes surface imperfections, and then removes any swirl marks created while cutting to produce a smooth surface ready for polishing to a high gloss final finish.

Because Mr Buff is in paste form, it may be diluted with up to 10% water prior to use, making it more economical to use than some cutting compounds. Note that the addition of water will reduce the rate of cut.

  • Quality paste cutting compound
  • For automotive, marine & general industrial applications
  • Remove over-spray & orange peel