Automotive Auto Touch Up Spray Paint Can 1k Acrylic Top Coat Car Truck Bike

Automotive Auto Touch Up Spray Paint Can 1k Acrylic Top Coat Car Truck Bike

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The 1K FillClean 298 ml cans facilitate filling mixed water-borne basecoats from the manufacturers listed below. There is a specific formula for each paint manufacturer, which ensures an optimum spray application with the respective SprayMax 1K FillClean can.
Technical Information
Part painting and spot repair

Pre-treat substrates as usual up to the basecoat and clean with SprayMax Silicone Remover.

Spray application:
2 spray applications = approx. 20μm
Interim flash off: approx. 5 min
Important: flash off until matt

Drying times:
Recoatable after approx. 15 min

Additional processing:
Recoatable with SprayMax 2K Clear coat after flashing off matt

Approx. 0.5m² - 1m² / spray can depending on the application thickness and substrate

To be used by specialists only
Wear personal protection gear (respirator type: A2/P2 safety gloves, e.g. Latex or nitrile)
After finishing the painting process, turn the can over and spray the valve empty.
Dispose of the completely empty spray cans as recyclable material
Filling volume: 100g, undiluted
After filling, shake can approx. 2 min.
Important: Before using, shake can for approx. 2 minutes
Shake again before every spraying application
SprayMax Fill In is a semi-finished product. The final product by through filling. The filler is liable for the final product

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Product is good.
Postage took over 2 weeks

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Great product

Saved myself $600 for damage repaied myself

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Top class product.paint matches perfectly. Thanks guys

peter drake (arsenal1937peter)

I would love to give a good report as i have done befor .not only am i still waitihg for it l havnt recived the order you sent on the 6th may which is three tins you l am not pissed off

Sachdeep Singh (psin-go-0pydcgr)

Great stuff, a happy customer