3M 28496 Elite Random Orbital Sander 75mm 2.5mm Orbit Non Vacuum

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3M 28496 Elite Random Orbital Sander 75mm 2.5mm Orbit Non Vacuum

  • Precision-balanced steel workings and a powerful motor offer optimal performance with less vibration in high production industrial environments
  • Ergonomically engineered with features such as extended curved wrist support and 3M Gripping Material to maximize operator comfort during prolonged use
  • Pneumatic power provides many hours of continuous use, far exceeding standard electric sanders (power hose and air compressor sold separately)
  • 3M Disc Pad (included) absorbs shock and vibration for smoother running and provides excellent disc adhesion yet allows quick, easy removal
  • Newly designed wrist rest for more support
  • Recessed level eliminates pinch points

The 3M Elite Non-Vacuum Random Orbital Sanders combine durable, lightweight construction and operator ergonomics around a powerful, precision-balanced motor for professional performance and a swirl-free finish, making them ideal for high-production industrial environments where dust extraction is not required.

3M's team of engineers designed both performance and ergonomics into the 3M Elite Non-Vacuum Random Orbital Sanders, which are loaded with features to reduce vibration and noise and provide greater wrist support and operator comfort. The rubber grip with 3M Gripping Material, curved-throttle alloy steel lever, and built-in wrist support offer comfortable control, while the recessed lever platform eliminates pinch and pressure points on the operator’s palm. The speed control dial is conveniently located on the side and thumb-controlled. The tool's composite cover extends to the base to absorb and reduce vibration, preventing cracked housings and extending tool life, while the internal muffler helps reduce noise and won’t break off.

3M Elite Non-Vacuum Random Orbital Sanders optimize sanding and surface preparation on various surfaces, including wood, metal prep for paint, fiberglass, composite materials, and many other substrates. Also known as dual action (D/A) sanders, these industrial-grade tools rotate the abrasive disc and disc pad in two simultaneous overlapping oval patterns, ensuring no single abrasive particle follows the same path twice, resulting in a swirl-free finish, even when sanding against the grain.

Pneumatic sanders, also called air sanders, run on power generated by an air compressor. Non-vacuum models like these are not connected to a vacuum system and are used in applications where dust extraction is not a concern.