3M 19698 Scotch Brite Roloc

3M 19698 Scotch Brite Roloc Surface Conditioning Disc TS A CRS Grade 19mm 50 Pack

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  • Labor saving: Cleaning by hand is difficult, and open access is limited to the center-most area of the seat track. 3M Roloc TS Surface Conditioning discs require minimal pressure and quickly remove defects with minimal material removal.
  • Multiple Grades: Roloc TS Surface Conditioning Discs are available in multiple grades to tailor the application at hand. The grades are as follows: Very Fine (A VFN) for cleaning and light blending; Medium (A MED) for heavier blending and corrosion removal; Course (A CRS) for heaviest blending and corrosion removal.
  • Easy to Use: The standard Roloc TS Surface Conditioning Disc fits inside the seat track lug for cleaning, blending and corrosion removal. The Roloc TS Reverse Surface Conditioning disc between the lower surface of the seat track lug and the track landing. Discs quickly twist on and off from the mandrel to reduce tooling time when completing track sections.
  • Standard Tooling: 3m Roloc TS & TSM Mandrel can be used with nearly every pneumatic drill and high speed drill commonly found in tool rooms. Roloc TS Surface Conditioning Discs operate at a maximum operating speed (MOS) of 30,000 RPM