3M 16325 PPS 25 Large Lids & Liners 850ml 125 Micron Full Diameter Filters Plus 10 Plugs

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PPS™ Eliminates the Need for Traditional Mixing Cups and Filters
Conventional Paint Cup Systems, a Painter needs to mix paint materials in a separate cup, then transfer (or strain) the paint through a filter into a paint reservoir. Every time the Painter transfers paint material, there is waste associated in the mixing cup and filter. With PPS™, place PPS’s disposable liner within the re-usable PPS™ Cup. Then simply mix the paint material in PPS’s disposable liner, snap-in place the disposable lid (with the pre-welded-in filter), and attach the locking collar to complete the PPS System and you are ready to spray.


  • Designed for use with 3M™ Paint Preparation System, PPS™
  • Kit contains disposable Midi size disposable: lids with micron filters, liners and sealing plugs
  • Conventional Gravity Cup systems, paint is mixed and measured in mixing cups, then strained through filters into a paint reservoir, where there is often considerable paint waste
  • PPS™ is an all-in-one disposable solution for mixing/measuring, filtering, spraying and temporary storage of closed coating materials
  • System enables the Painter the ability to consistently spray at 90 degrees to the part, no matter the part orientation (even upside down), often reducing paint consumption
  • The all-in-one solution reduces the chance of outside contamination, along with consistent material transfer which improves quality, while reducing paint consumption.
  • PPS™ reduces cleaning solvent consumption by 70 percent
  • Sealing Plugs are provided for temporary storage of Paint Materials
  • Large Size refers to a paint mix volume of up to 28 fl oz (850mL), ideal for 4+panel repairs
  • Improved Quality, Lower Material Cost, Reduce Solvent Consumption, Improved Productivity, Less Mess and Easier to Use
  • PPS™ available in 30 fl oz, 6 fl oz, 13.5 fl oz, 22 fl oz, and 28 fl oz sizes