WATTYL Spraymate Super Etch 1K Epoxy Primer 400g Aerosol Black x 3 Pack

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WATTYL Spraymate Industrial Super Etch 1K Epoxy Rich Metal Primer 400g Aerosol Black

Wattyl Spraymate is a range of superior performing primers and topcoats specifically designed for use by trade and industrial applications. The Super Etch primer is a premium quality, single pack epoxy etch primer. It provides excellent adhesion and anti-rust protection to most metals, & dries quick for easy and quick recoating.


  • Excellent adhesion to all common metals
  • Excellent anti-corrosive properties
  • May be overcoated with most finish types, e.g. enamels, lacquers, chlorinated rubbers, polyurethanes and epoxy enamels
  • Super Etch Primer shall be overcoated within three months of application
  • High performance key coating, specifically designed for direct application over mild steel, ZINCALUME, COLORBOND, chrome, brass, copper, lead and lead alloys, stainless steel, aluminium and galvanised iron
  • May be used as a primer or, when applied in mist coats, as a conventional etch medium. Adhesion to most automotive plastics is generally good


  • Coverage: 3m² (approx. per aerosol)

Drying Times (at 25°C and 50% Humidity)

  • Touch Dry: 5 minutes
  • Dry to Handle: 20 minutes
  • Recoat Time:  minimum 1 hour, maximum 3 months
  • Hard Dry: 1 hour

Customer Reviews

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Sandy Seabrook (chris-sandy)

All good

Bruce mongan (callmebrustr)
WATTYL Killrust Heavy Duty Primer Grey Aerosol 300g Rust Protection Primer

mixed in the can as it should easy to use and good coverage

John Odwyer (heat3330)
Wattyl super Etch Black

Love it i use it as a paint finish on my car it is that good

Darryl Deed (dazzasdog)


james kops (jamekop-40)