U-POL Grip #4 1K Universal Adhesion Promoter 450ml Clear x 3 Pack

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A ready to use universal adhesion promoter for paints, adhesives and sealants. Ideal for all automotive surfaces such as plastics, aluminium, fibreglass, galvanised and painted surfaces. Replaces the need to abrade surfaces in difficult to access areas.

  • Sprays flat – no sanding required
  • Can be overcoated with any water or solvent-based topcoats
  • Provides an excellent barrier against lifting or solvent attack

Coverage: 3m² per aerosol (approx.)

Recoat Time (with U-POL Grip #4) : 10mins (@20°C)

Overcoat Time (with Topcoat/Primer) : 20 mins (@20°C)