Sagola 4600 Xtreme Spray Painting Gun DVR Clear Cap Clear Quality finishes 1.30

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Gun comes with 600ml pot

SAGOLA presents its top technological expression in bodywork finishing spray guns. Smaller, lighter, with optimal weight distribution and more comfortable.

With a new shiny and modern design and most carefully designed ergonomics which offer enviable balance and usability and perfect mechanisation. SAGOLA tackles all present challenges of vehicle refinishing. With this model SAGOLA offers the widest range of solutions for all the new paints launched by the main paint brands for refinishing.

The New 4600 Xtreme is launched with the highest SAGOLAmanufacturing standards, competitive prices whilst maintaining a superb service and offering the best warrantee (3 years). All this with strict compliance with the most demanding standards of manufacture and emissions of solvents, with XTREME and XTREME HVLP systems.

The new DVR AQUA and DVR HVLP aircaps enhance the application of waterborne products, regardless the level of viscosity. Even distribution of paint through the spray pattern.

The new aircap DVR CLEAR together with the innovative nozzle 1.3XL means a milestone at the ease and speed of application with the new HS clearcoats.

Customer Reviews

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Taleb Ismail

Sagola 4600 Xtreme Spray Painting Gun DVR Clear Cap Clear Quality finishes 1.30

veronica brown (vron670)
Sagola 4600 Xtreme spray painting gun

This spray gun is perfect even for the amateurs who have never painted before. A definite good choice to have.

Dwayne Crespin (dwayne7774)
4600 xtreme Sagola

Absolutely love this gun use it everyday. I have various name brand guns iwata, says, etc. but this one is one of my favorites.