Rupes Bigfoot 70mm Coarse Blue Wool Polishing Pad 9.BW70H Box of 4

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Introducing RUPES’ new wool pad range, compatible with the random orbital and the gear driven polishers included in the BigFoot family. The face of these wool pads are constructed of 100% natural fibers attached to a polyester backing material layer.

All the pads in the coarse wool range are constructed using two distinct fiber lengths creating a dual density wool surface and a specific visible pattern. More than just an aesthetic detail, this configuration provides a great balance of cutting power and finishing ability when compared to traditional or single density wool pads.

NEW Wool Pads

  • Dual Density Fibers
  • Natural Color– Loosely Twisted Polishing Fibers
  • Blue Color– Tightly Twisted Cutting Fibers

Suggested applications

  • Fully cured paints
  • Severe defects
  • Gelcoat

Recommended Compounds to Use

  • Zephir (coarse) & Quarz (Medium) for use with Bigfoot tools LHR21, LHR15, LHR12, LHR75 or Nano depending on pad size.