Monti MBX DIE BLASTER Pneumatic Kit SDB-001-BMC

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Die Blaster ®

  • Removes rust and sealants in areas that are difficult to reach (e.g. door skins, roof joints, window channels and wheel housings)
  • Patented Accelerator Bar increases the striking energy of the bristles
  • Creates a rough, “blasted” surface
  • Metallically bright and thorough cleaning of the surface
  • Special tool for areas that are difficult to reach
  • Special range of belts for joints, recesses and channels

The Die Blaster® is specifically designed for thoroughly removing corrosion from car body panels, in hard to reach areas. 

 The Die Blaster®, with its patented Accelerator Bar, is specifically designed to remove corrosion in areas that are difficult to reach, such as door skins, roof channels and wheel housings, leaving a clean (not polished) rough, “blasted surface”.

Technical Specifications

Length - 300mm
Width - 125mm
Weight - 1.1kg

Belt Diameter (outer) - 110mm
Required flow pressure - 90 psi
Average air consumption - 0.4m^3/min
Idle speed (+- 5%) - 2700 rpm
Threaded air inlet - 1/4"
Required hose diameter (interior) - 3/8"
Vibration - 1.45m/sec^2
Sound pressure level - 84dB


Die Blaster® Set Includes:

  • Die Blaster® drive unit pneumatic
  • Accelerator bar for Die Blaster®
  • Adapter system 11 mm 
  • Swivel connector
  • Air pressure regulator for Die Blaster®
  • 2 Die Blaster® belts, 11 mm
  • 2 Die Blaster® belts, 11 mm, right
  • 2 Die Blaster® belts, 11 mm, left
  • MONTI Blow Mould Case

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