New Devilbiss Pri Pro Lite Gravity Feed Primer Spray Gun 2.5mm PRILT-GPR10

New Devilbiss Pri Pro Lite Gravity Feed Primer Spray Gun 2.5mm PRILT-GPR10

  • $549.99

Product Overview:

The updated version of the popular gun DeVilbiss PRi Pro Lite makes a new step in improving ergonomics! Thanks to technology, who came from the GTi Pro Lite, as well as the smooth operation via the air valve with a low impact on the GTi Pro Lite, users become even more convenient and easier to use a new spray gun PRi Pro Lite operation. 

Air Cap and Nozzle: 
We renamed the existing P1 air cap in a highly efficient air cap PR10. It provides a fine spray with a well-formed large and uniform spray pattern, making it ideal for the application of the primer. On the sprayer PRi Pro Lite can be set to one of 5 new liquid feed nozzles, including 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, ​​2.0 and 2.5, which can be applied almost any primer, putty, fillers, polyesters and polymers. 2.5 Nozzle suitable for polyesters and 1.6 1.8 and 2.0 mm are suitable for thick-film fillers and liquid rubbers. 1.4 Nozzle ideal for etching or reactive primers, as well as a method for applying wet-on-wet and elastic primers. 

Established equipment: 
Spray, Plastic tank top, folding key, Torx wrench to replace the needle seal, identification rings, ruff cleaning, user manual in Russian, cardboard box. 

- Air flow: 300 l / min 
- Thread in the air inlet: 1/4 "universal 
- Air supply pressure: 2.0 bar (29 lb / sq in.) 
- Tank capacity: 560 ml 
- Weight (with reservoir): 620 g 
- Air Cap and Ring: Alloy copper plated 
- Spray gun nozzle: Stainless steel 
- Needle gun: Stainless Steel 
- Pressure ring head: Anodised aluminium