Car Rep Professional 2K Clear Lacquer Matt Two Component Spray 500ml

Car Rep Professional 2K Clear Lacquer Matt Two Component Spray 500ml

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Product Overview:

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Car-Rep 2K is a true revolution by making 2-component painting as easy and user friendly as painting with any ordinary 1-component spray paint.

When sprayed, the chemical hardening process takes place Immediately in atmospheric pressure. This ensures that Car-Rep 2K has the same characteristics in terms of adhesion, corrosion, scratch and chemical resistance as traditional 2-component paints systems, where the paint and the hardener have to be pre-mixed.

Car-Rep 2K bonds on almost any surface metal, aluminium, galvanized metal, copper, chrome, wood, stone, ceramics, glass and most plastics. It bonds also on previously painted 1-component or 2-component paint surfaces such as acrylics, PU, epoxy and powder coating. It is also possible to paint already painted surface with Car-Rep 2K. Test the compatibility always before overcoating with 2K paint. On dry surface (previous paintwork completely hardened.) Some alkyd paints might react with Car-Rep 2K.

The most valuable difference compared 2-compartment aerosol products containing 2K binder and hardener is the pot life of the paint. Car-Rep 2K does not need to be activated by puncturing the hardener can. It is always ready for use, as many times as needed and with a shelf life of several years. This opens a window for professionals and consumers to use a high quality 2-component product without the use of complicated air driven equipment. There is no production of waste, no cleaning, in other words THE EFFICIENT SOLUTION.

Spraying distance: 25cm.

Drying times:

  • Dust dry 20-30min.
  • Touch dry 40-50min.
  • Surface hardness 12h,
  • Final hardness 7 days.

Filler / Primer sandable after 2-3h and overpaint after 90 min.