Autoglym Surface Detailing Kit Clay Car Care Polish AURCBKIT

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If you are serious about restoring or treating your paintwork, you will know that tree sap, road grime and other bonded contaminants are in the atmosphere and settle onto the surface of your car. This makes your paintwork feel rough and can prevent your polishes and waxes from performing at their best. Using this clay bar kit removes bonded contaminants and the stubborn deposits that stick to paintwork, dulling the finish and affecting the gloss.

The Clay Detailing Complete Kit will help you achieve an incredible silky finish allowing polish and wax to cover the surface more effectively and maximises the longevity of a wax coating.

Kit contains:

  • 1x 500ml Rapid Detailer
  • 1x 100ml Super Resin Polish
  • 1x Premium Clay Bar
  • 1x Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth

Directions for Use:

  • Wash and dry the vehicle, ensuring the vehicle's paintwork is cool to touch.
  • Break off a small piece of clay, and knead and flatten it into the size of a large coin.
  • Spray a generous amount of Rapid Detailer onto the clay and onto a small area of paintwork.
  • Glide the clay lightly over the surface in straight lines.
  • Once the area feels smooth to the touch, wipe away any excess Rapid Detailer with the microfibre cloth and repeat the process on a new area, overlapping slightly with the previous section.
  • Fold the clay frequently to expose a clean surface and when complete, apply a coating of Super Resin Polish to protect and enhance your now smooth paintwork.